Rudimental take back seat to let bright new stars ride up front (vroom)…

When I watched Rudimental’s set at Glastonbury (on TV may I add), I remember thinking “Everybody on that stage looks like they are having the best time.” From the four guys that make up Rudimental to the brass players, singers and drummers that join them on tour, there were plenty of smiling faces🙂 

From their set a song that stuck out for me was “Rumour Mill”. It is a duet that features amazing vocals from Will Heard and Anne-Marie. You may know Will Heard from the song “Sonnentanz” by Austrian DJs Klangkarussell and Anne-Marie has been touring with Rudimental for 2 years. What I admire about Rudimental is that they offer support to fresh and upcoming artists. Their song “Rumour Mill” is proof of this as they have let the vocalists take centre stage.

Check out the music video below to see Will Heard and Anne-Marie just casually hanging out in a car 😉


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