I’d Rather Be Anywhere Else But Here

It has been awhile since I’ve heard a song, that I completely relate to (in terms of lyrics). What the singer, Alessia Cara has done is written a song about a situation that I believe most people have experienced. The song “Here” is an honest account of the thoughts you have in your head, when you attend a party that you wish you had never come to. You may have shown up to the party with a great group of friends but still find you can’t have a good time. When I’m not enjoying myself at a party I usually feel detached from everybody else and like I don’t fit in with the atmosphere of the party.

(Lyric): ” I ask myself what am I doing here”/ “But really I would rather be at home all by myself, not in this room with people who don’t care about my well-being/ “I shoulda never come to this.” Not only is the song lyrically on point but when she performs it live her voice sounds just as good as the studio version. Her vocals are strong and she has a rap element to her singing voice. It’s like it wouldn’t surprise me if she could rap as well as sing. 😉


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