Nothing But Thieves stole my ears and attention!!!

Thanks to BBC Radio 1 I have been introduced to some amazing bands and musicians that I never knew existed before. Like the Essex-band, “Nothing But Thieves” who have been releasing some smashing tunes!!! I seriously can’t fault the music they have brought out so far 🙂  I remember when I first heard their song “Itch” … I was at work and whenever the chorus came on. I had to fight so hard to sit still in my chair because it made me want to bust some moves.

Not to mention that the lead singer has an impressive vocal as he can hold long, high notes with ease (his voice sounds quite operatic at times).

I am loving their song “Trip Switch” which has been doing the rounds on the radio 1 playlist. It has a beat that I can really groove along to. It is not the type of rock music that only serves the head-banging crowd.

All I can say is keep doing what you’re doing LADS!!! You’re doing a great job!!!