Zak Abel is Unmissable!!!

Zak Abel is the guy who laid down the vocals for Gorgon City’s song “Unmissable.” And his story definitely does not end there. Mr Abel has brought out some of his own songs and they all sound mega-amazing. Definitely check out the songs “These Are The Days”, “Alchemy” and “Wise Enough” which were brought to life by Joker [producer]. I think Zak Abel sounds stunning when he sings, he has got a very sharp, soulful and dynamic voice. Another artist that springs to mind when I hear Zak Abel is the talented Will Heard… And this is not because they sound the same but because I think their voices are well-suited. (It would make my day if they did a duet together). It seems as though, they both have been influenced by the same styles and genres of music. I remember reading an article with Emeli Sande and she said how an artist’s voice is shaped by the music they listen to, which makes comparisons between artists inevitable.  Although, they can be considered a compliment, constant comparisons can also make it hard for musicians to establish their own identity. That is why when there are similarities between artists, I think it is important to acknowledge their differences as well, because every artist is distinct and unique from the next. *RANT OVER* Anyway I digress but please check out Mr Abel as he is a singer everybody should be taking notice of 😉



  1. tapeparade · October 24, 2015

    I’ve never heard of Zak Abel but you’re right, he has a great voice! x


    • teeateiza · October 25, 2015

      Yeah he sounds just as good when he performs live. I hope he brings out more new music 🙂 XxX


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