Everybody’s talkin’ bout Nick Brewer

I don’t have my own TV so when I do go home to spend time with the family, the first thing I do is switch on the telly (just kidding…the second thing). I find it’s the perfect way to get acquainted with any new TV shows or adverts that I have missed out on. I can’t resist flicking through the music channels for a good hour because I usually come across some great tunes or sometimes I catch the premier of a new music video. This was the case for the song, “Talk to me” by Nick Brewer ft Bibi Bourelly. I eagerly waited 15 minutes for this music video to premier because I thought I already knew who Nick Brewer was. His name sounded really familiar for some reason. When the video started playing, I realised that I had no idea who Nick Brewer was but that this song of his sounded amazing!!! I love everything about this song from the 90’s sample, taken from Crystal Waters’ Gypsy Woman, the verses which Brewer delivers on point, and the hook and pounding chorus which gets me in the party mood!!! Bibi Bourelly is the female vocalist that lends her voice to the this song and for those who may not know who she is…then I am sure you are aware of her work because she wrote Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money.

“Mr Brewer you have definitely gained a fan in me!!!” 😉


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