Snakehips begin their charm-offensive!!!

It was my twin-brother who first introduced me to electro/RnB duo, Snakehips, when he played me their song, “Gone.”The song features Odd Future DJ, Syd tha Kyd who has gone on to front her own amazing band, The Internet. (Me and my brother are huge fans of The Internet).

After doing some exploring of my own I came across another song by Snakehips (and singer, Kaleem Taylor) called “Forever(Pt.II)”. The song is really catchy and the music video is one-to-watch for the two exceptional dancers who are voguing in it. They perform their routine in perfect synchronisation. The artist, FKA Twigs is known to incorporate this type of dance into her live performances, where she writhes and contorts her body on stage (she is very good). “Now hold that pose for me.”

Recently, Snakehips have just dropped a new track called “All My Friends” which I think will be a game-changer for them. It is the first song by them which has been doing the rounds on the radio and it also features Tinashe and Chance the Rapper who are artists creating a buzz in their own right!!! The chorus is fun to sing-along to or rather chant to if with a large crowd of people. And it seems as though, the lyrics are from the perspective of someone who has grown tired of partying and getting drunk. Instead he or she would rather stay in, perhaps get into bed and watch some movies whilst eating a take-away (count me in!!!)


Call this a Celebration…Jamie Woon is back!!!

Jamie Woon is back after four long years (rejoice!!!) However, during those four quiet years, Woon didn’t shy away from music altogether. In 2013 he provided the vocals for Disclosure’s track “January” which I must say is a favourite of mine 🙂 Although there is a lot of buzz surrounding the release of his second album, it was the enchanting and dreamy sound of his debut, “Mirrorwriting” that first caught my attention. The stand-out tracks from this album are definitely “Spirits”, “Lady Luck” and the haunting “Night Air.”

I had no idea he was making a comeback until Annie Mac announced it on her BBC Radio 1 show and I was like YES finally. The news of his return got me really excited, especially after hearing the lead single “Sharpness” which is a slice of funk.  On new album, “Making Time” Woon has collaborated with Willy Mason for the song “Celebration” which seems to get better and better, the more times you listen to it.

When Jamie Woon sings, I am blown away by his impeccable vocals. I can’t imagine he has ever had a wobbly performance or sang out of tune [he is that GOOD]. His songs have a minimalistic sound which I think adds to the chilled-out and soulful RnB he wants to create. And with a voice as brilliant as his, what more could you ask for?

New music from Jamie Woon is definitely a celebration and I hope to catch him at one of his live shows in the new year (fingers crossed).

Watch Jamie Woon perform “Spirits” with just a loop pedal…SUPERB!!!