CHRIS-mas is nearly REA!!!

Now that Christmas Day is only round the corner, I thought I would share a little secret about my all time favourite Christmas song, which is…… “Driving Home for Christmas” by Chris Rea 😉 I never tire of hearing this jazzy Christmas song!!! As soon as the intro starts playing, it makes me feel so cozy and relaxed.

Even though I don’t celebrate Crimbo, I still get excited about Christmas lights and decorations, the adverts on TV and the classic Christmas tunes!!!

With a thousand memories…I take a look at the driver next to me, he’s just the same [lyric]

Happy Holidays!!! XxX


Alessia Cara is breaking down her four pink walls!!!

Hi guys, this is my second post dedicated to the wonderful, Alessia Cara. It seems as though I can’t get enough of the 19 year old Canadian. However, I am not the only one, there are a lot of people singing her praises right now 🙂 She has made it onto the BBC Sound of 2016: longlist and her debut album, “Know It All” is out now!!!

Her music is a delight to listen to and watching her interviews you get a feel that she.herself doesn’t know how good she is. She also talks about being awkward but that never really comes across in the videos I’ve seen her in. To me she seems very down-to-earth, genuine and confident!!!

On stage you will often catch her wearing a cool T-shirt and a pair of jeans, which definitely sums up the “casual & comfy” look. Personally, I am 100% down for this as I love to wear clothes that are comfortable 🙂 In a way Alessia Cara kinda reminds me of the soulful singer, Stacie Orrico* who would wear regular clothes when she performed, whilst stunning the audience with her incredible vocals. It was her voice that stole the show and not her outfit. It is a shame when it is the other way round 😦

Alessia Cara’s song “Four Pink Walls” is another lyrically sound piece of music. She reflects on the days she used to spend dreaming about becoming a superstar…not knowing that one day she would find herself living her dream!!! Her life has changed in a big way… from being bored as a teenager, staring at her bedroom walls to touring all over the world and doing lots of fun and exciting things. My favourite lyric in the song, “…Those four four pink walls, now I kinda miss them man.” It’s funny how the walls she wanted to escape from are now the walls she has grown to miss. After all, it was her bedroom where it all started!!!

*she needs to make a comeback, it has been too long!!!*