Rae ‘N’ Rejjie

Rae Morris first caught my attention when she performed a song for the Mahogany sessions. I forget the exact song she performed but what I can remember is that she was sat down playing a piano. The song that I know her best for is “Love Again”which featured on an advert for Boohoo (other ads are available). 🙂  For some reason, listening to “Love Again”summons an image of Rae running across a misty heath or moor for some reason. It has an eerie and mysterious vibe about it.

Her voice is in its own lane really, it is not a vocal you could easily imitate. Only hearing the studio-versions of her songs, one might think she can’t possibly execute those distinctive sounds LIVE!!!. But watching her live, definitely shuts up the cynics/skeptics/naysayers and proves that her voice is authentic rather than being invented in a studio.

Rae Morris has teamed up with Irish rapper, Rejjie Snow for his song “Blakkst Skin.” (Snow has been supporting Madonna on her Rebel Hearts Tour in the UK). On paper, Rejjie and Rae Morris seem to make an odd pairing, however I think the collaberation works because of the contrast! In the verses, Rejjie wraps over a “rat-a-tat drum” and electro-funk beat whilst the chorus is more stripped back, with Morris’ delicate vocals as the stand-alone feature. Her vocals have a folkie undertone and she can comfortably sing in a higher register. When she hits those higher notes, it sounds like she is howling to the moooon!!!



  1. tapeparade · January 14, 2016

    I’ve not heard of her before but I’ll take a listen! xx


    • teeateiza · January 24, 2016

      Yeah please do, I hope you like it 🙂 The video on the other hand definitely splits opinion XxX


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