No need to complicate things…keep it simple

After years of wanting to go to Live at Leeds (LAL) (the music festival that takes place across various venues in Leeds during the May Bank Holiday)… 2015 was finally my year 🙂 I had finished uni, I was living back at home and the line-up for LAL ’15 made it hard to resist.

I remember being so excited to see Lawson, Rhodes, Lucy Rose, Vaults and Raleigh Ritchie and on the day I was lucky enough to catch all of the above(apart from Lucy Rose darn it). There were some artists that I watched not knowing what to expect like Saint Raymond and MNEK (whose sets were amazing). Once I got home, I made it my mission to check out more of their music !!!

The award for the artist/band who was literally bouncing off the walls goes to……Raleigh Ritchie. His set was definitely the most fun and entertaining …I didn’t want it to end. He was so smiley on stage and spoke to the audience in between songs, calling us Yorkshians!!! (people from Yorkshire of course). There was no doubt that he was having a great time and his positive energy seemed to rub off on the crowd 🙂 During his set, he performed a song that I had not heard before called, “Keep It Simple” which I thought straightaway sounded brilliant!!! It didn’t have to grow on me. This is the perfect song to have on, if your spirits need lifting on a cold,dark evening!!! It is hard to feel blue when listening to Raleigh’s suave, rich voice on such a feel-good track 🙂

Since hearing it back in May, I was unable to find a good-quality version on YouTube (my trusted source) because it had not been released yet. 9 months later and the days of searching are finally over…Last week  the official audio of the song was uploaded onto YouTube which now features MC-of-the-moment, Stormzy. (So Happy)

One thing to take away from this post is that Greyworm can saaaaang, for all the Game of Thrones fans out there!!!


raleigh ritchie

Raleigh Ritchie


LAL 2015 019

Raleigh Ritchie @ Leeds O2 academy




  1. tapeparade · March 10, 2016

    Yayyy! IT’s such a great feeling when you finally get to hear the official version of a track you’ve only heard live!! xx


    • teeateiza · March 14, 2016

      It brings back fond memories of such an incredible gig 🙂 And now more people will get to listen to it XxX


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