C.B.R. is our Cosmic Girl!!!

Corinne Bailey Rae (C.B.R.) is back and looks all set for the release of third album “The Heart Speaks In Whispers”. Several weeks ago, she unveiled the first single called, “Been To The Moon.” This funky, new track stands out from her others because of its distinct electronic sound, which suits the galactic theme of the song (very well indeed) šŸ™‚

Lyrics: Our movements are elliptical/Don’t you recognise a fellow astronaut?

Everything about the song is quite grand…from the backing music to the music video. In the music video, C.B.R. stars as a fashion-forward astronaut who is exploring the lands of a sandy, desert planet!!! The visuals are stunning, it is like watching a scene from Star Wars(ish).

Although it has been 5 years or so since Corinne Bailey Rae was last on tour and/or promoting new music, she has still kept a close eye on the music scene. In particular, she has used her role as a musician to champion and celebrate the work of other singer-songwriters. Most recently, I saw her on TV at the Mercury Awards (2015) as she was a judge on the panel šŸ™‚

No matter what time of the day it is, I am always in the mood for listening to Corinne Bailey Rae’s sweet, soothing and breezy vocals. Therefore her return with new music can only be a good thing XxX


Corinne Bailey Rae


Fashionably Late to the Travis Garland party? Better late than never!!!

It frustrates me when exceptionally good artists don’t get the recognition they deserve (sad times).Ā Travis GarlandĀ is an example of the above: an *under-rated and hard working artist who more people should be aware of. He actually started out as one of the lead singers in boyband,Ā NLT(Not Like Them) alongsideĀ Glee-star Kevin McHale.Ā I’ve got to say they did have some great singles such as Karma, That Girl and She Said, I Said to name a few.

Post-Boy Band fame, Garland has gone on to have a lot of success as a solo artist with his covers and EPs. His original songs in particular, make me feel quite nostalgic as they remind me of the RnB that was around when I was still in primary school. (Refreshing to the ears)

In 2011, Garland released the song “Paint” which features the equally talentedĀ JoJoĀ and samples Jai Paul’sĀ BTSTU. As far as duets go this cheeky, playful and feisty track ranks very highly. I also appreciate the fact that the lyrics stay true to the title of the song, with words likeĀ paintbrush, canvas and overallsĀ all making an appearance. Garland and JoJo both sound amazing on this track and have slick delivery, even when singing about items found in a hardware store.

Travis Garland and JoJo are artists whose musical careers took off when they were quite young. They had barely entered their teens. JoJo was only 13 years old whenĀ Leave (Get Out)Ā was released. Now in their mid-twenties, their passion for singing and creating music is still evident. Even without the backing from a major record-label, Travis Garland has brought out some impressive songs which have caught people’s attention!!!

*Unfortunately, there are many under-rated singers…I have listed some of them in my music profile (click here) but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

travis garland

Travis Garland