Nowadays gamers are spoilt for choice,they can get their hands on games which feature realistic graphics, fantastic game-play and gripping plots. Plus on top of all that, games are even entertaining us with top-quality soundtracks.  The FIFA games are notorious for this…every year a FIFA game is released there is also a new soundtrack to enjoy, crammed with the best, new and alternative music from all corners of the world!!!  Therefore, thanks to games like FIFA, underground tracks have gained more exposure and are being heard by more people (hurrah).

Console games can provide a great platform for music: The first time I heard rock anthem “TNT” by AC/DC was whilst playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the PS1 (Playstation 1) with my brother 🙂 IT WAS DYNAMITE!!!!

Just by looking online, you can see the positive effect that a game has on a track. For example comments like, “Best FIFA song” or “FIFA brought me here”are everywhere when listening to songs such as Walk by Kwabs/Kangpe by Nneka ft Wesley Williams and It’s Strange by Louis The Child ft. K Flay.

The latter is a song that I am absolutely loving at the moment. It’s funny because for awhile I didn’t know the name of the song even though it was staring me right in the face. Basically, whenever the Radio DJ said “It’s Strange” at the end of the tune, I would be like “This song does not sound strange at all.” [You can see my problem]. What I like about the song is that it switches between two different styles, which kept me engaged as a listener. It starts with the solitary sound of an instrument, which I can only presume is a xylophone and K Flay’s smoky, cool vocals. The song then continues to build until the DROP (after the chorus). On the other side of the DROP, the song explodes with synthy dub-step before it returns once again to its low-energy state for the verses 🙂 (It sounds like I’m explaining a Scientific reaction).

Tony Hawk’s THROWBACK- I used to love singing along to “Superman” by Goldfinger when playing this game. #nostalgia #ska #PS1



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