Your name is Simon, I do whatever you say!!!

I don’t mind when samples are used in songs but only when done right.The new song can’t simply be an imitation of the original nor should it be a remixed version. Therefore, let me introduce you to the singer, Ray Blk whose song “Talk to me” samples Alicia Keys’ (You Don’t Know My Name) in a very clever and creative way. She seamlessly slots lyrics from You Don’t Know My Name into her own song. In fact she only borrows a couple of lyrics from the track, but they are enough for people to make the connection. Plus Ray Blk sings, “But you got me here singing like Alicia Keys” which is a pretty strong hint!!! With “Talk to me” Ray Blk has ticked all the right boxes: the song is original, it sounds very different to You Don’t Know My Name but still shares the same concept.

A lyric that makes me chuckle is “Your name is Simon, I do whatever you say.”I think it is a genius play on words and that’s why I have used it for the title of this post.

The way she sings reminds me of another musician but I just don’t know who. My first thoughts were of an American RnB artist/group that I probably listened to when I was growing-up. And then I thought it could be that Blk’s voice sounds familiar because her voice is an amalgamation of her musical influences (hmmm). Not only does she have a stunning voice but I also like the texture of it, which I would describe as being quite husky and rough!!!

If you liked “Talk to me” please check out more of her music like “5050” and my new favourite “My Hood.”

Ray Blk

Ray Blk






  1. tapeparade · May 17, 2016

    Oooho I remember the Alicia Keys song! I’ll have to check it out 🙂


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