I Just Want to Live

Lorine Chia’s “I Just Want to Live” is a poignant song about the police brutality that is happening in America.

The music video is a sombre, black-and-white animation, although it does feature some colour. The police car’s flashing lights, the bouquet of flowers left at a vigil and even the shade of lipstick worn by the female protagonist (Lorine Chia) all appear in either red or blue.

In the video it cuts to a young, black man who is running away from a police car. When the vehicle catches up with him, the police officer gets out of the car to confront the man. His gun is drawn. The man holds up both hands but the officer shows no mercy and shoots him. Falling to the ground, one can only assume that the man has been seriously injured or is dead. But why did the officer fire his weapon? Was it an act of self-defense? Did the other man have a weapon too? Sadly, this scene is not too dissimilar from some of the cases that have been recently reported on the news.

In the chorus, Lorine Chia sings the line, “I just want to live” which sounds like it is a plea to the law-enforcers who are harshly targeting people for just living their ordinary lives. When was it a crime to hang out with friends or to buy something from a shop?

Please check out Lorine Chia’s other tracks such as, “Fly High“, “Lost in my Mind” and “Eve’s Perspective.”

Quote from Lorine Chia, “As Nina Simone once said it is our duty as artists to reflect the times. I saw the “State of Grace” video by Talib Kweli and instantly got inspired. I knew Dreambear was the team to help me with this one. Dani is an such amazing artist. I wanted to showcase our present times. I live in constant fear that I or someone close to me could be the next victim of police brutality or racial profiling and all I want to do is just live.” 



Lorine Chia




Travis Garland mashes it up with Drake/Kevin Lyttle

Hi guys, sorry it has been TWO MONTHS since my last post!!! Time has just flown by but I will try my best to make up for all the lost time 😉

This is my second time writing about Travis Garland…in my first post I mentioned how he started out in boy-band, NLT before going it alone as a solo artist. I also spoke about his original music and spectacular covers…please check out his rendition of Tori Kelly’s “Should’ve Been Us” and you will be blown away. Staying on the topic of covers, Travis Garland has done a Drake/Kevin Lyttle mash-up. But before I tell you how amazing it is, I first want to dissect the term “Mash-Up.”

…Combining two completely different songs together is definitely not a new thing but I feel like the term “Mash-Up” is!!! I’m not sure whether the people behind the TV show, Glee coined the term but I do think the show inspired more artists to perform mash-up covers as they soon popped up everywhere 🙂

…Anyway so back to the Drake vs Kevin Lyttle mash-up which may be one of my favourite Garland-esque covers to date. It includes Drake’s chart-topping hit “One Dance” and “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle. I really like One Dance because it samples the 2008 track, “Do You Mind” by Kyla. This song takes me back to when I was in high school and I probably first heard it on a music channel. And “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle is a tune that I will never get sick of hearing. When the cover transitioned from Drake to Kevin Lyttle and Garland sang the line “For the longest while we jamming in the party…”I immediately got up and started a little one-woman party in my bedroom: winding and circling my hips because it seemed appropriate. And my limbs couldn’t contain their excitement either!!!

What I like about Travis Garland’s covers is that he puts his own spin on them and gives them a moody and edgy sound.

Another artist that has made a name for himself by doing covers is Conor Maynard!!! He recently did a cover of Panda by Atlantic rapper, Desiigner. I was a bit dubious at how he was going to approach this cover as he is not known for his rapping skillz. However he made it work in his own way.