Yuna @ Scala

On Tuesday 20th September, Malaysian artist, Yuna will be taking to the stage to perform at SCALA in London. The good news is that I have tickets to this show and the bad news is that I won’t be able to go 😦 So basically, it is just really bad news!!! However, I am happy that she will be in the UK and for the people lucky enough to see her live.

I don’t know how, but somehow Yuna and her music seem to have flown under the radar in the UK. Compared to our neighbours across the pond, they have known about her for much longer and have embraced Yuna like one of their own artists. In America, her songs have done very well and she has also collaborated with many musicians such as Pharrell Williams, The Internet, Kitty Cash, Owl City and Usher.

At the moment, she is currently touring, to promote the release of her latest album, “Chapters”, which seems to include tracks that explore more mature themes and that fall into the realms of RnB and even old school Hip-Hop. Please check out “Places To Go” and it will all make sense!!!

When listening to her earlier music, there were already clues that indicated that her delicate and relaxing voice would suit many different genres. Similarly, I thought the same thing about Demi Lovato whose first two albums were primarily “pop-rock.” Fast forward to the present day and we all know that Miss Lovato has an impressive vocal range and can sing in a variety of styles. E.g. rock, gospel, RnB and blues.

It is sad that I will be missing the only UK show that Yuna had on this particular tour…however here’s to hoping that she will return to the UK soon so that I can experience her songs live!!!






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