My Love is a Kaleidoscope

Guess who’s back…back again…Fenech-Soler tell a friend 😉

Basically, I was just bopping around to some of their old music, when it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t checked in on them for awhile. So I did a quick YouTube search and discovered they had uploaded a new music video only three weeks ago!!!

The new song is called “Kaleidoscope” and after the first listen, it definitely got my seal of approval!!! Plus the music video is so cool…I think we have all crawled inside our duvets expecting to find Narnia or some kind of lost city. In the music video for “Kaleidoscope”, the main protagonist does just that and finds herself in a huge duvet den!!! (after some free-falling inside her bed-sheets may I add)

Fenech-Soler have returned on top form, however they have not returned with the complete line-up. It seems that the four-piece has now halved in size as Daniel Fenech-Soler (bass/keyboard) and Andrew Lindsay (drums) have left the band. Leaving the two “Duffy” brothers as the current members  😉

I hope that going forward, the band will continue to gain more recognition because they create fantastic music. I know they are doing great because they have many supporters and are constantly touring all over the world, however I do wish that more of their tracks were played on the radio 🙂 I remember,”Last Forever”- the toe-tappingly, good song from second album, “Rituals” was played everywhere when it was released in 2012/13.

For the people who have never heard of Fenech-Soler then please check out songs like “Demons“, “Magnetic” & “Stop & Stare“.

After listening to their cover of Jessie J’s “Do It Like A Dude” back in 2011 and also reading an article, which put them inside the same bracket as Friendly Fires and indie-disco … These were the only reasons I needed to check out more of their music and 5 years down the line I’m so glad I did 🙂


Fenech- Soler


Fenech- Soler


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