That’s My Girl!!!

Fifth Harmony have brought out a number of singles following their departure from the X-Factor USA in 2012. However, the first song by them to be played on UK radio stations was “Worth It” in 2015, which quickly became a breakout hit and rose to number #3 in the charts.

They have released plenty of catchy songs but I would have to say that out of those, there are probably three songs that I would class as my absolute favourites and would happily play on REPEAT!!! These are “Worth It“, “Boss” and “That’s My Girl.” Their latest offering, “That’s My Girl” is a track that I’m obsessed with at the moment. I love the pre-chorus (sang by Normani) because of its fast-tempo and melody and also the chorus which is so lively and loud 😉

[Destiny said it, you got to get up and get it
Get mad independent and don’t you ever forget it
Got some dirt on your shoulder
Then let me brush it off for ya
If you’re feeling me, put your five high
That’s my girl]



Fifth Harmony


She’s charged up, she’s getting activated

It has been no secret that Cher Lloyd (X-Factor alumnus) has been working hard in the studio and creating new music for some time now. Therefore, it was really exciting when we finally got to hear the fruits of that labour, when she dropped the song, “Activated” in the summer. The first time I listened to it, I thought it was okay, but after giving it a few more listens it has grown into a song that I really like!!!

The chorus is the best part of the song, especially when she sings “When I do the damn thing, just watch me.” It sounds really cool and fresh and the beat makes it impossible to sit/stand still.

Cher Lloyd has a distinctive voice that is very much her own and her audition on the X-Factor is one that I will never forget. It sticks in my mind because she sounded like nothing I had ever heard before on the show and her choice of song was so unexpected. (Turn My Swag On)

Miss Lloyd has been very successful in America, whereas in the UK she is still paying the price for mistakes that she made when she was younger. It is a shame because we have a talented singer on our doorstep who is being over-looked for all the wrong reasons.


Cher Lloyd


The real talent of the X-Factor

Since its inception, I have managed to watch nearly all the seasons of the X-Factor (I think there were 3 seasons that I definitely missed). The singing, talent show has been on our screens for 12 years and in that time the judging panel, the presenters and the format of the show have gone through various changes. In my opinion, the quality of the X-Factor has dipped in recent years because I sometimes feel that I’m watching a rehearsed reality show rather than a singing competition.

However the X-Factor is a great platform for aspiring musicians and many talented singers have made it onto the show such as Ella Henderson, James Arthur, Cher Lloyd & Rebecca Ferguson. Even though, some people like to criticise the X-Factor, I disagree with those who slate truly incredible artists just because they started out on the programme. Or say they can’t sing live, when they blatantly can and have proved it by singing live, week in and week out on the X-Factor!!!

I was so happy when James Arthur won the X-Factor in 2012, because his voice is exceptional and he pours so much pain and emotion into every note that he sings. He recently brought out new single “Say You Won’t Let Go” which is the first piece of new music that I’ve heard from him in such a loooooong time. After three years of silence, this song re-introduced me to the artist whose voice always left an impression on me, when singing on the X-Factor.

Trust me, James Arthur’s vocals are a pretty big deal- check out his cover of Emeli Sande’s “Hurts” and Ariana Grande’s “Into You.”

World Music Awards 2014 - Red Carpet Arrivals In Monte-Carlo

James Arthur