She’s charged up, she’s getting activated

It has been no secret that Cher Lloyd (X-Factor alumnus) has been working hard in the studio and creating new music for some time now. Therefore, it was really exciting when we finally got to hear the fruits of that labour, when she dropped the song, “Activated” in the summer. The first time I listened to it, I thought it was okay, but after giving it a few more listens it has grown into a song that I really like!!!

The chorus is the best part of the song, especially when she sings “When I do the damn thing, just watch me.” It sounds really cool and fresh and the beat makes it impossible to sit/stand still.

Cher Lloyd has a distinctive voice that is very much her own and her audition on the X-Factor is one that I will never forget. It sticks in my mind because she sounded like nothing I had ever heard before on the show and her choice of song was so unexpected. (Turn My Swag On)

Miss Lloyd has been very successful in America, whereas in the UK she is still paying the price for mistakes that she made when she was younger. It is a shame because we have a talented singer on our doorstep who is being over-looked for all the wrong reasons.


Cher Lloyd



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