Do not get in the way of Gallant and his McFlurry

I got to know about Gallant, after hearing his song, “Talking to Myself” which was played regularly on the radio. Every time it was played on the radio, I grew more and more interested in the man behind those irresistible and gorgeous vocals. Initially, I thought I was listening to Tyler James, who was a promising contestant on the Voice UK, however it seems that he has taken a step back from the world of music. The last song, I heard from him was “Worry About You” featuring Kano.

Gallant is an artist that has gotten to where he is by working hard and mastering his craft, especially his falsetto. His falsetto is out of this world!!!

Gallant the interviewee vs. Gallant the performer

In interviews, Gallant comes across as a very chilled-out guy, however put him on a stage to sing and he becomes this animated and electric performer. It is like the music brings him to life!!!

I love the quality of his voice, I could listen to it all day and hope it will continue to carry him far and bring him further success in the coming year!!!

All that I have left to say is that he has got one of the best voices around at the moment and also please check out the video below, where he explains why he chose to leave New York for Los Angeles. And like many decisions in life, food always plays a vital role… aye. In Gallant’s case, it was to do with a McFlurry 😉



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